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There is a famous quote from the late-80’s baseball movie Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” While we would love for this saying to apply to all areas of our business, it’s not always accurate — especially when it comes to your website. 
For jan/san distributors who are thinking about creating a new, transactional website, or perhaps enhancing your existing one, it’s time to consider what that website really needs to do for it to be successful. eCommerce revenue in the U.S. is exponentially climbing year-over-year, and there are opportunities abound, even in a more traditional B2B space. (See Graphic 1)  

Your website is not only the face of your company, it is a money maker. It is the one asset that could quickly encourage (or discourage) a potential customer from conducting business with you.  
So how can you make a great first impression, gain trust, and close/retain business through your website? Let these questions guide you: 
It’s All About The SERP 
Out of sight is out of mind when it comes to searching for information online. As potential customers seek out the products and services you offer, page 1 is where you’ll want to be. It’s the hippest part of any online marketer’s strategy; the most coveted and the most difficult to obtain, especially in this competitive industry.  
There are literally thousands of people out there — from independents to large online retailers — selling the same exact products you do. How do you beat them to the top of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)? SEO, of course! It’s the most important acronym yet: Search Engine Optimization.  
SEO is a science. This entire article could be about techniques you could deploy on your site to boost your organic rank, but here are a few digestible tips instead: 

Sticky, Not Icky 
How “sticky” is your website? By sticky, we mean what do users find appealing when they arrive that would make them want to stick around? The answer lies in a well-designed user interface (UI) and well thought out user experience (UX).  
By definition, a UI is the point of human-to-computer (or website) interaction on any device. A well-designed UI will be intuitive, making the user’s experience effortless and easy, streamlining the desired outcome. UI often refers to the aesthetic elements of a website. UX, while very similar, is how the user’s experience overall is on the website and what they take away from that experience.  
Think of it as a house: the UX is the foundation, and the UI would be everything inside that makes it awesome – the paint, décor and furniture. Just like your house, you want to invite guests to feel warm and welcome, and stick around, as opposed to wanting to leave immediately.  
When it comes to UI and UX, consider these factors of your site:  
Below is an example of optimized website for checkout simplicity, navigation, and merchandise promotion, visit Grainger’s website, a Denver-based cleaning distributor (see Graphic 3). 

Once on a sub-category page you can easily dive into more specific product categories, filter products, search within this subset of results (see Graphic 4).  


In short, make the experience and interface easy, streamlined, timely and relevant. By doing so, your customers will stick around.
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