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Posted on Feb 28, 2020
Running a small business is a challenge that never ends. While big enterprises easily stay afloat thanks to a large range of resources, smaller companies have to fight to survive. Often, this fight requires innovation and a creative approach.
What does it take to survive the competition? Regardless of the niche, the competition is pretty high among small businesses. As of 2019, there are as many as 30.2 million small businesses in the US, which basically makes up 99.9% of all businesses in the country. Add to this millions of enterprises worldwide, and you will get a huge competition! Thus, to succeed, you must know how to survive.
Apart from generating a fresh idea, building a solid business plan, and making an appealing offer, there are plenty of additional issues to keep in mind and work through. However, if we had to name some of the most often overlooked matters that entrepreneurs ignore, that would be digital CRM and online presence.
Both customer relationship management (CRM) and online presence play vital roles in helping small businesses evolve and survive the competition. Why do they matter so much? In this article, we are going to discover the key reasons why online presence and CRM are so important!
In a nutshell, an online presence is indicated by the collective existence, availability, and interaction of an individual or enterprise. In other words, it is what determines how active you are on the Web. A popular term now is social listening which involves monitoring digital online presence of your brand online.
What are the key elements of a business’s online presence? As a rule, most companies use the following tools for making their brands noticed on the web:
So, why is it important to small businesses? Here are the top reasons.
In today’s highly digitalized world, ensuring your brand’s accessibility is vital. As of 2019, the global digital population has already reached 4.48 billion people.
Now, keep in mind that around 70-80% do online research about a company before making a purchase with a small business. As many as 97% of people discover local companies and services online.
All these stats stress how important it is to make your enterprise visible and accessible on the Internet. That’s when increasing online presence comes in handy. Your company’s website, blog, social media accounts, and other online channels are pretty much your virtual showroom. And it works for your benefit 24/7.
Another important reason to boost your company’s online presence is that it builds your brand’s image. Branding is vital for every business due to a number of reasons:
In shorter terms, brand building is a way to let prospects to “check out” your company before making a purchase from it.
The online presence of a brand can enhance the customer experience significantly. At the same time, it adds value to your business. Investing time and money in online presence can really make you appear bigger than you actually are.
Your web channels should give consumers an extended experience of your product. It should not just tell you to have this or that product. It is good to undercover some of the backstage, offering clients a chance to enter a whole new world.
For example, you sell high-quality, expensive watches. From first sight, it might be just a simple accessory. However, with the help of social media and smart marketing strategy, you can turn these watches into a consumer’s ticket to the world of luxury. We are not talking about a simple accessory anymore. That’s what will make you seem bigger and add more value to your brand.
Delivering relevant and valuable information to your prospects and current clients via blog, website, or other channels adds to your credibility. Running a successful and well-optimized blog can help your business grow and flourish. Delivering valuable content is a great way to drive people’s attention and make them stay with your brand.
The more value you bring with every new blog post or publication, the more trusted you will seem in the consumers’ eyes. And the more people will find your brand trustworthy, the more will make purchases!
The Internet is a powerful tool for marketing and growth. It allows you to extend your reach far beyond the local area around your business’s store or office and attract more customers.
With the help of social media channels and perfectly planned e-mail marketing campaign you can gain clients effortlessly.
People who have already tried your services or products will share their opinion instantly with their audience. This is a free promotional strategy.
That’s the best part about social presence – once you increase and organize it, you will have clients coming in with no effort.
Building consumer trust is vital for success. One of the easiest ways to do this is by sharing real customers’ reviews and testimonials with your prospects. As a rule, collecting and sharing feedback can be pretty hard for small businesses. However, the Internet makes it easy!
Social media platforms are the main channels of communication in the 21st century. People from everywhere across the globe use them to share their stories, ideas, and lives with others. And most of them will gladly spread information about the service or product they liked. This can give you a good base of testimonials and help build consumer trust.
What does it take to sell a product? Normally it would take lots of time and effort to grab consumers’ attention and convince them to try your product. However, it got much easier with the help of social media.
Did you know that Instagram is one of the most powerful online marketing tools used to drive more sales? Well, that’s true. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t require that many efforts.
People of the 21st century buy “pictures” of products. So all you need is to make your products look good on the web, which makes selling and marketing easier than ever!
How to develop an effective marketing strategy? That’s the question most entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Digital marketing is a fast growing field which can be pretty complicated, but it is always easier when you do it online!
First of all, growing your brand’s online presence gives you plenty of great tools for analysis. Most platforms have advanced features that help businesses track their success easier.
Besides, web platforms show you what works and what doesn’t almost instantly. This gives you plenty of space for further improvement of the marketing strategy.
After we’ve discovered why online presence matters so much in the business world, let’s now move on to digital CRM.
Digital customer relationship management implies the use of online resources to enhance communication with clients and deliver a better experience. The key goals behind this concept are to give the organization a clear understanding of every client’s preferences and habits, establish trust, improve the brand’s image, and make automated messaging and personalization easier.
So, what makes CRM important, and how can it help small business flourish? Here are the top reasons you should keep in mind.
It is hard to undervalue the importance of high-quality customer support for the successful operation of an enterprise. Regardless of their background, your clients definitely want to feel heard and supported. The task is to let and make them feel this way.
One of the biggest benefits of digital CRM is that it makes addressing clients’ requests, concerns, and complaints easy. With the help of smart CRM, your in-house and remote employees will respond to queries faster and more efficiently.
Another reason why all enterprises need CRM is that it can help you develop a better understanding of clients’ needs. Establishing more effective communication with prospects and current customers can eventually help get them better. This will make your offers even more relevant.
Staying in touch with clients will allow you to study their behaviors and learn what triggers are the most effective for convincing them to buy from you. Therefore, the more you engage in digital CRM, the more you can sell!
It is not a secret that the more data you collect about your prospects, the better your targeting will be. Smart customer relationship management can really help one get to know the audience. Use this knowledge to empower your targeting and marketing.
In a broader sense, CRM gives you a 360-degree view of your prospects. This allows for collecting comprehensive data about them. As a result, one gets better targeting and stronger marketing campaigns.
Last and the most important reason to use CRM for small businesses is that it helps establish trust. Understanding your prospects better, offering more value to each of them, giving them just what they want and right when they want it, and, most importantly, always being there for them – these are the keys to earning customers’ trust and loyalty.
What is the core mission of every business regardless of the niche? Without any doubt, it is delivering excellent customer experience. While sales and revenues matter a lot, it is always customer experience at the epicenter of everything.
An enterprise that is not able to satisfy its clients’ needs will never survive in a highly-competitive environment. Poor customer experience results in the growth of dissatisfaction. This, in turn, leads to a significant decrease in sales, revenues, and eventually may bring about the failure.
How to deliver great customer experience? That’s the core idea of CRM and online presence! Looking back at the benefits of these tools for small businesses, you can clearly see how every point actually focuses on improving the quality of service and delivering better experiences.
With this in mind, it is fair to say that both CRM and online presence are vital for the success of your small business! These are some of the most powerful tools for establishing better relationships with clients, which is why every entrepreneur should implement these concepts.
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